Speed & Agility Training

Ron Jones - Trainer

Speed and agility training are also key components for improving upon an athlete’s performance in any given sport. The Allegany County Speed and Agility Clinic offers sports specific training that incorporates speed and agility drills to athletes of every ability level. Without this kind of training, athletes are more prone to injury and often get stuck at a mediocre level of performance simply because their bodies have not been trained to move beyond that level.


Ron Jones - Trainer

Fit To Go, LLC is owned and operated by personal trainer Ron Jones. Committed to fitness, Ron Jones and Fit To Go, LLC have been serving the Tampa Bay Area since 2007.

Ron has 20 years of speed and power experience, was a 4 year Letterman in track and field, as well as football at Northeastern University in Boston, MA. Ron was also coached by Olympic Athlete, the Great Ernest TCHE, from Cameroon. Earnest ran track at the 1984 Olympics in the 400 meter.

Fit To Go, LLC is Certified by IFPA.